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Sustainable and healthy building, satisfied residents

Well-designed and correctly built wooden buildings are long-lasting:

  • Wood is durable and ages beautifully.
  • Wood binds carbon dioxide through the whole lifecycle of the building.
  • Wood, as a construction material, is completely recyclable. When the wood product finally comes to its end, it can be used as biofuel, so that the energy bound into it can be reused. The energy from wood is renewable energy and replaces fossil fuels.

Wood has health-promoting effects:

  • It balances the humidity of the indoor air. When the indoor humidity is at an optimal level, the number of harmful bacteria, viruses and molds is at its lowest.
  • Wood is a natural material, and studies have shown that wood can affect people in the same way as spending time in nature.
  • Wood also gives a space a calming ambience.
  • Wood surfaces reduce stress levels.

For these reasons, it would be recommendable to use wood more and more also in school and workplace construction, not just in residential construction.
End users favor wood increasingly for comfort, healthy indoor air and pleasant acoustics. People are also more aware of and interested in environmental issues when choosing building materials.

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