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The cost-competitive CLT-board

  • The production of Crosslam’s cross-glued CLT solid wood board consumes only a fraction of energy compared to e.g. the production of steel or concrete. → Saving energy also saves money and CO2.
  • CLT-board is also a competitive alternative in building blocks of flats. The construction components of a cost-effective, wooden block of flats are prefabricated in the dry factory premises of our partners.
  • Timber construction is flexible:
    • CLT-construction enables better consideration of the residents’ wishes in the building process.
    • Designers have more possibilities e.g. with design. In CLT-construction, the building of complex structures does not increase costs in the same proportion as with other materials. This is because the cost differences between the different construction components are small when using wood as raw material.
    • Wood is a building material that can be both the supporting and the heat-insulating structural component. Wood can also form beautiful finished surfaces.
    • Other advantages of wood as a building material are also that it is easy to work with, and that it is lightweight but also durable.
  • CLT-board made by Crosslam is an excellent product for earthquake areas. Due to its flexibility, the wood structures do not fracture as the ground shakes.

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