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In Kuhmo, life is based on wood and forest. Wood-based business has been the key to the region's development already in the days of tar burning. The forms of wood use have changed and evolved in many different ways over the centuries. Kuhmo forests have offered not only wood products for housing and living, but also game, berries and a healthy environment to live in.
Wood products have been refined in Kuhmo for centuries. As technology has evolved, the degree of refining has been raised, and the wealth and prosperity brought by wood for people and businesses has grown steadily. Sawmill business has been the largest field of business in Kuhmo already for decades. New business operations have gradually formed around the sawmill business, and they utilise the sawmill products for their own processing. In Kuhmo, there is a lot of expertise in the wood industry. As a result, wood-based development and education activity as well as an unrivaled wood cluster were also created. From 2014, the wood cluster has included Oy CrossLam Kuhmo Ltd, Finland's first company manufacturing CLT-board. The CLT-board produced by Crosslam is made of raw material from the surrounding area. The strength properties of this raw material are among the best in the boreal forest zone.
The company's operations have received a lot of attention and have been a significant pioneer for the Finnish wood construction. Without Crosslam's contribution, Finland’s development would have been considerably left behind from the rest of Europe. Crosslam has created new possibilities for wood construction and strengthened the courage for the use of wood also in blocks of flats. At the same time, Crosslam has expanded its operations with new businesses that utilise wood.
Already during these early years, the achievements have been remarkable. The central structure of Helsinki Airport, Pier Zero Restaurant, received its splendid Crosslam-frame already in 2015. Since then, dozens of detached houses have been introduced, for example in the TV programmes “Laurin Talot” and “Sadan vuoden talo”. In addition, several wooden blocks of flats have been built out of Crosslam’s CLT-board, as well as Finland's first CLT-school.
The raw material used by CrossLam Kuhmo creates excellent qualifications for producing visible wood surfaces, which is one of the strengths of Crosslam's CLT-board compared to other building boards. The structure of the board, combined with the wood strength, ensures unparalleled possibilities for use. They may best be examined in the new trend of building blocks of flats from prefabricated modules. A prefabricated module is a turn-key flat that gets its stiffness and easy transportation and installation from its material - Crosslam’s CLT-board.
The story of Crosslam is developing all the time. That story has created interest from the beginning of the company’s operations. Crosslam has developed cooperation with several internationally renowned architects and even musicians, and most importantly, there are now many happy owners of a new wooden home. Modern wood construction continues to grow, and Crosslam grows with it. Homes and schools built of Crosslam's CLT-board are healthy living and learning environments. At the same time, this creates a way of building where significant work is done also for the environment and the climate. Wood products, such as Crosslam's CLT-board, replace concrete and steel, which produce plenty of carbon dioxide in their manufacturing process. Concrete production alone is responsible for about 5 % of the world's carbon dioxide emissions.
The story of Crosslam has created and continues to create happy life around it, both for its employees and its customers. You, too, can easily become a part of the Crosslam story!

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