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Construction with Crosslam-boards

Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly construction products in the world. Its demand as a building material is constantly growing. The better understanding of the importance of saving natural resources increases the builders' interest in wood construction. The CLT-element serves as a carbon storage throughout the whole lifecycle of the building.
Already when starting the planning of a building, it is worth taking into account the possibilities of the Crosslam CLT and the facts related to manufacturing of wood elements. Usually, the plans proceed as follows:

  • Structural and electrical plans are made for the main drawings, and heating, plumbing and ventilation is mapped.
  • A structural designer or an element designer will make element plans for the manufacturing of CLT-elements.
  • The buyer or his structural designer delivers the finished element plans to the mill.
  • The CNC-machine is programmed according to the element plans.
  • With the CNC-machine, the boards can be machined close to millimeter accuracy. This makes installation of CLT-elements quick and facilitates many finishing work phases.
  • From the mill, the precisely measured and machined CLT-boards are transported to the site at an agreed upon time.
  • Either a crane or forklift truck is required on site to unload the delivery. The boards can be lifted directly from the load onto the foundations to their own place or stored temporarily for later installation.
  • CLT-boards are joined together with long screws, and the seams are sealed up with sealing compound.
  • Simple joints reduce the amount of details that need to be planned.
  • The CLT- walls usually have three structural layers:
    • Inside, there is a CLT- board, i.e. a framework, which can also be used as a ready-made indoor surface of the building.
    • The middle layer is a shielding layer of thermal insulation, which does not necessarily require a separate wooden framework or wall frame.
    • The outside of the building is protected by an outer lining. A ventilation gap is left between the lining and the insulation to keep the structures dry.
  • After the structure has been erected, it is time for technical equipment and finishing work. When the structure has been erected, many work phases can be done at the same time in the CLT-construction.


In a detached house, the construction of a framework made of Crosslam CLT-boards normally lasts from 1 to 4 days, when built by professionals. The time depends on the size and the shape of the building.

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