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House for a Hundred Years|Pori, Finland

The TV series “Sadan Vuoden Talo“ (“House for a Hundred Years” in English) was presented on Yle TV1 and Yle Areena (national public broadcasting company of Finland). The series follows the construction stages of a house made of Crosslam-board. This wooden ecohouse was built in Pori for TV producer Juha-Pekka Ristmeri and his spouse. Juha-Pekka had to demolish the brick house built by his father in the 1960s, because it was damaged by mold. He wanted to replace it with an easy-to-manage, healthy, zero-energy house, which should last at least for a hundred years. To avoid the construction errors that his father once made, Juha-Pekka studied the modern building methods thoroughly and eventually chose the Crosslam-board as the framework material for his house.
The choice was made on the basis of safety. The structure used is a wall structure studied in Finland. Its every component comes from wood, both the framework, the insulation and the weatherboard. The solid wood framework structure is fireproof. Also important in the choice of the structure was that there was no need for separate vapour barrier. The Crosslam-board serves as the framework of the building and also as the interior surface of the building. The element contributes to the buffering and balancing of indoor air and thus improves indoor air quality as well.

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