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House Koskela, Finnish Housing Fair 2016|Seinäjoki, Finland

House Koskela was built for the Finnish Housing Fair held in Seinäjoki in 2016. The house fascinated many visitors!
The house is designed by architect Teemu Hirvilammi. The walls, intermediate floors and attic floors of the house are made of Crosslam-board, so it is a house made of Finnish wood in Finland. According to the owner of the house, Pekka Koskela, the strong wooden walls are a perfect fit for their family home. The grooved CLT-surface is visible throughout the house. The surfaces have remained beautiful and crack-free. Pekka thinks that also the CLT-walls of his garage are unparalleled. Even heavy items can easily be screwed and hung up on the wall, and when necessary, the holes can also easily be fixed. The CLT-wall does not bend or sag.

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