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Manufacturing of CLT-board

The raw material for Crosslam-boards is mainly spruce or pine from Kainuu, Finland. First in the board manufacturing process, the sawn timber is finger-jointed into required length lamels. The lamels are then planed. Board-sized number of crossed layers are laid out. Each layer is glued before the next layer is laid on top. Then all the glued lamel layers are pressed together to form a ready-made, cross-laminated CLT-board. The CLT-boards produced by Crosslam have the minimum dimensions of 2.5 m x 4 m and maximum dimensions of 3.2 m x 12 m. The glue used in the cross-glued boards is an environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free polyurethane glue.
From the compressed board, the desired pieces are carefully machined with the CNC-machine. Thus, many elements can be made out of one compressed CLT-board. The CNC-machine processes wood elements according to the element plans. Good planning can reduce the generated waste and thereby reduce the costs of wood construction.
After CNC-machining, the quality of the finished CLT-elements is checked and then delivered to the customer.
The quality of the Crosslam CLT-boards made of solid wood is verified according to the instructions of the VTT certificate.


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