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Properties of CLT-board

Crosslam = CLT = Cross Laminated Timber means solid wood board that is made by cross-gluing together three, five or seven layers of lamel, i.e. regularized timber. It is an engineered wood product that is always made to the specific measurements for each customer. The maximum dimensions of the CLT-board that Crosslam manufactures are 3.2 m x 12 m. The thickness of the board varies from 60 mm to 300 mm, depending on the emd-use. Because the boards are cross-laminated, they are strong and stable. Therefore they can be used in both the vertical and horizontal structures of buildings.
CLT is a strong and environmentally friendly construction product. CLT-boards have a rigid and durable structure, yet they are also lightweight, e.g. only one fifth of the weight of concrete. CLT also enables building high structures. In Vancouver, there is a 53-meter-high wooden block of flats made of CLT-board, and in Norway, an over 80-meter-high CLT-house is under construction.
At the Crosslam mill, the face of the CLT-boards can be made visible or non-visible. The visible surface is sanded down at the mill. However, the surface should still be sanded on site prior to surface treatment. The non-visible surface is delivered to the customer with planed surface and without sanding down.
CLT-board is an excellent product to bring a cosy feeling, warmth and natural beauty to indoor and outdoor spaces. At the same time, however, it is also a structural product, providing a cost-effective way to meet the requirements for buildings.


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